Wedding Saree shopping in Chickpet

If you are looking to buy wedding sarees at reasonable prices the best place in Bangalore is the Chickpet Road also called as Old Taluk Cutcheri(OTC) Road. This is a narrow street in the old Bangalore area with Avenue road on one end and BVK Iyengar Road on the other. The place is crowded most of the time and the joke is that one can’t walk on this road without touching nearby people. I recommended not to bring your car due to heavy traffic and parking problem and instead take Public transport or taxi. If you decide to bring in the car, make sure you arrive early in the day and park it somewhere closeby. Your best bet is the Maharaja Parking complex(Google maps) which is a paid parking place.

There are hundreds of shops on both sides of this street and as one is walking the sales guys keep calling out to visit their shops. If you are looking for wide range of clothes the best place to head out to would be the big shops like Kuberan Silks, Sudarshan Silks and Kalamandir. These have huge collection of silk and cotton sarees and other dress materials and options are available for any age group. If you are prepared to explore the area for better deals try out the smaller shops. Rukmini Hall is one of the oldest shops and you can find collections of good quality silk sarees like Banaras, Kancheepuram, gold zari sarees. Byrappa and Sons and Samskruti Silks are the other recommended places with good collection of various sarees. The staff is good and patiently showcase the available options.

If you head into Avenue Road, you will find lot of jewellery shops. Some of the famous ones include Sunrise Jewellers, Anmol jewellers and Pallavi jewellers. They have great collection of gold and silver jewellery at good prices.

How can a wedding be complete without wedding cards. Sultanpet area is famous for wedding cards and it is pretty close to Chickpet road. It has lots of shops having large variety of wedding cards.

Overall Chickpet area is must visit when you have to do wedding shopping.

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