CBI Report of DK Ravi case investigation

One of the young and dedicated IAS officers of our country DK Ravi’s death on March 16 2015 had lead to a number of conspiracy theories with people suspecting murder and foul play from his corrupt enemies. The official stance from the initial investigation was that it was a suicide. Karnataka State Government had tasked State CID team to investigate the matter initially but had to hand over the case to CBI after about a week after death due to pressure from the Public and Opposition parties. CBI completed the investigation in November 2016 and provided the final report concluding that DK Ravi committed suicide due to personal reasons. Here we briefly summarise the comments from CBI Report. This is completely based on the YouTube video of the TV9 report here

Work and Marriage

CBI took statements of Friends and Relatives to get opinion about the personality of DK Ravi. He was deemed to be sensitive and responded to problems of the common people very quickly. He used to go after what he wanted and if he failed to get it he would be depressed. He was not someone to share his personal matter with friends and relatives. DK Ravi cleared UPSC exam in 2008 and joined IAS training in 2009. During training days he was in love with a woman batch mate but did not express it. We will mention her by the initials RS. DK Ravi married Kusuma, who was the daughter of a rich politician Hanumantarayappa in 2010. Hanumantarayappa belonged to congress party. The decision of marriage was completely taken by DK Ravi and he thought this will help his career and future business interests.

After the training he was posted in Gulbarga(Officially Kalaburagi) as an Assistant DC. He had become quite popular as an honest officer. Because of this he was promoted and was posted to Kolar as DC based on the recommendation of then Kolar MP and central minister. He came up with many new initiatives improving the administration. With his strict law enforcement, he tried to control Illegal sand mining, Government land encroachment etc. He made many enemies in the region because of this and pressure started to mount on the Government to transfer him. He was transferred to Bangalore Commercial tax department in Oct 2014.

Real Estate Interest

DK Ravi was very interested in the real estate sector. He wanted to create 500cr company by the time of retirement legally. He knew that the financial conditions of his parents was not good and wanted to support them. He started real estate company with friend Harikrishna named R&H (Ravi and Harikrishna). R&H created a layout in Nelamangala of 35000 sq ft. Hanumantarayappa had lent 1cr in this business of which 55 lakh was returned by DK Ravi. But later again had put in 2cr. DK Ravi did not want to include Hanumantarayappa in the company. He used to work on the company affairs on weekends and was busy with the official work on the weekdays.

Relationship with Kusuma

Till early part of 2014 relation between Kusuma and DK Ravi was pretty good. They did not have any children and had visited hospitals for medical tests. But after that relationship started to deteriorate. Kusuma noticed that DK Ravi was talking a lot with RS both during day and night. He also used to mention positive things about RS with Kusuma, that RS is a very good officer. He was trying to impress RS by publicizing the RS’s work and events to the press. Also he tried to avoid any negative news about RS in the media. In June, first time Kusuma questioned DK Ravi about his calls with RS. He says that we talk only administrative matters and official work. Also he assures Kusuma that he won’t talk with her during night. But CBI investigation finds that when Kusuma is not at home, DK Ravi was continuing talking with RS during night. Kusuma also had found that when she was not at home, DK Ravi’s phone was busy for long periods in the night while he had earlier told her that he was tired and going to sleep. DK Ravi had once invited RS to Kolar to attend an event . RS had come to Kolar with her husband and had lunch in DK Ravi’s house as well. This consoled Kusuma a bit that RS is married and she is only a friend of DK Ravi.

Masseur girl Shelly

CBI investigation found that DK Ravi used to frequently visit Taj Vivanta for Body massage. Kusuma had suggested it to him to reduce stress and tiredness due to his work. Here he got interested in a masseur called Shelly from Nagaland. DK Ravi was trying to impress Shelly and was in contact her with SMS and Whatsapp. Shelly initially did not respond to him but later started responding and also provided massage service to DK Ravi. He had also transferred about 10000 and 20000 to Shelly’s bank account. CBI did not find any communication between them after November 2014 when DK Ravi denied her request of 50000 saying he is in financial difficulty at that time.

Troubles with Real estate

The Real estate business of DK Ravi increasingly got into trouble with the passage of time. There were disputes with some land in Chikkaballapur. He had paid 2cr advance to farmers to acquire the land but later found that the land was already sold to another developer. This led to police complaints and bunch of truce meetings involving influential people. Many of his friends advised him against getting into Real estate sector but he had got involved too deep to get out. He had taken money from many of his friends and other contacts. He had asked RS also to put money and she had invested 10 lakhs and denied to put more money.

Personal Troubles

DK Ravi also was not happy with the transfer to Bangalore Commercial Tax Department. He felt that he could not work with common people and solve their problems which was possible as DC. He thought he could not get the recognition which he was getting as DC. He had shared these feelings with colleagues and friends as well. In November 2014 once in the Father in law’s house DK Ravi had cried in the lap of his wife. He spoke about not able to achieve financial improvement of mother and his wife. He had decided to do something about it. He asked his R&H friend to send a blank cheque and he took a 2 day leave from work and went to the place where his parents were staying. He gave 30 lakh with the cheque to his mother and then goes to a temple in Mangalore with his friends and returns to Bangalore in 2 days. During this time his friends found him extremely sad and depressed and thought that the transfer to Bangalore was the reason for it.

Troubles with RS

After returning from Mangalore, DK Ravi’s calls and messages with RS increased drastically. Kusuma was upset because of this and in Dec 7 2014, she sent a Facebook message to RS “What will you do when someone tries to snatch your husband”. RS forwards this message to DK Ravi and he becomes angry with Kusuma and asks her to apologize to RS. He also says that without talking to RS, I can’t live with you. He also messages this to RS and apologizes to her.

Have a look at some of the messages between DK Ravi and RS on December 8

I know you are very hurt. I was helpless. I assure you this will not happen again.

Please talk with me. I love you baby. You are my friend.

Work in Commercial Tax Department

Meanwhile his work as Additional Commissioner in Commercial Tax Department continues and he conducts raids on many leading Real estate companies like Shobha Developers, Nitesh Estates, Prestige Group etc for avoiding taxes. This causes tax collection to raise significantly and tax compliance of the smaller companies improves drastically. He also conducted raids on Embassy group which was partly owned by then Home Minister KJ George. CBI found that there were no threats or complaints against DK Ravi, so the chances of Murder due to the enemies of his work was pretty low.

Final Days

DK Ravi bought the St. John Wood apartment in Taverekere in February 2015. Before this he used to stay in the Father in law’s house itself. After March 2105, DK Ravi’s language with RS changes in the way he used to address her and was increasingly forcing her to meet. But RS had no intention to meet him. There were fights with her husband as well regarding this. She wanted to maintain distance with DK Ravi. There was lot of Whatsapp chats and long calls between them in march.

What happened in March 15 2015

Between Morning 11 to 11:50 AM DK Ravi calls RS 4 times. DK Ravi had gone that day to see some land on outskirts of Bangalore for his R&H company. There was a call from PA of a state minister to release private buses which he had seized for illegal transport of goods. DK Ravi informs him that buses will be released only on payment of fine. At 3:50 pm DK Ravi sends following message to RS

I am waiting for your call and suggestion. Today is a dangerous day. I am going to take a tough decision today. I am Hoping you will guide me. I will wait till 9 PM today for your call

RS calls DK Ravi around 5PM and talks for about 10 minutes. At 5.24 DK Ravi sends a message to RS after talking to her.

Don’t call me and don’t message me. Don’t tell others about us. If there is a next life we let us be together. I am going leaving everything

This is one of the main message which makes CBI think it was a suicide. RS replies like this.

Stupid. Don’t behave like this. I will not talk with you

She later calls DK Ravi and talks for about half hour. She mentions to CBI that she had consoled him that he will get the posting he wants and not to worry. We can recall that DK Ravi was not happy being in the Commercial Tax Department.

March 16 : the D – day

DK Ravi had breakfast at father in law’s house and goes to office. He sends a detailed Whatsapp message to RS. See this message which gives an idea about DK Ravi’s feelings and is a strong evidence.

Hey Baby. I think this is my last message to you. I’m sending this message to clear my mind. I am not selfish and I don’t lying. I am alive to achieve something in life with good intention. I don’t fear for anything. I come from poor family and rural background. I have failed in life. I have no intention to live anymore. For many years you have guided me with interest and spirit. I have always loved you. Let there be no doubt about my love for you. I did not love you for your beauty. If that was the case I could have loved women more beautiful than you. Your question about “even after loving you so much why I married some one else” is valid. Because I did not want to become mad in love. I wanted to forget all this. But I have realised that it is my big mistake. Without getting you I can’t be peaceful. You showed me civil manner and how to be natural. You made me hero. You are my real lucky goddess. But I don’t want to carry this forward. Everything has to reach the end. You may lead a good married life. I will go to heaven. To end this matter there are two ways. Either I have to die or I have to stop loving you. I can’t stop loving you. So to make this love forever my death is the only solution. I am living like an animal. There is no clear goal in my life. I have lost completely in my life. If I can’t get the woman I want there is no value to my life. I know that you had said that it is not so easy to die as one wants. But if one’s life purpose is not met death becomes very easy. Instead of living as a burden to you it is better to die. Baby, you know better about this world than me. Here entire world runs on the wish of one person. Nobody live for the wish of others. Nobody lives or dies for others. Those who know me may cry for few days. But later forget everything. But you will always be happy. My love will remain with my soul forever. I want to thank you for being a good friend. Thank you for accepting me as friend. Thank you for making me a good citizen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Thank you for enlightening me about my future and my likes. You may worry about me. But don’t worry. If I had loved you means this is a good thing for you even after my death. I have deleted all my messages to you from my phone. I have deleted all your photos. To help your success my soul will be always with you. But if you don’t want me, my soul will not bother you and will allow you to live in peace. To see you and kiss you was my last wish. But it was not fulfilled. Once you know about my death, please hug my body and if possible kiss me. Pray to god that my soul will find peace.

After sending the above message he reaches office and has a meeting with officers there and asks them to release the buses after collecting the fine. He informs to his PA that he is going to the flat and asks to send me the driver to in law house to get the lunch and send to the flat. He reaches his flat at 11 AM and calls RS. But then RS instead of taking the call, asks her husband to take the call. The call is for only 15 sec with DK Ravi saying I will call back later. After that RS’s husband calls back DK Ravi but DK Ravi does not receive the call. After this incident DK Ravi does not pick up a call from some other person at 12 PM. Ultimately when DK Ravi does not respond to his calls, his driver rings the bell of the flat and on seeing no response checks the Apartment Security and CCTV, confirms that DK Ravi did not come out of the Flat. He informs Kusuma and finally when Kusuma and Hanumantarayappa enter the flat with the duplicate key they find that DK Ravi is hanging by the fan with the saree of Kusuma. Post mortem of the body finds that there is no blood stains on the clothes and there is poison in the body. All circumstantial evidence pointed it to be a suicide. CBI also analyzed the 41 CCTV around the apartment and inquired the security guards at the apartment. It was a secure apartment and only cars with security sticker was allowed without taking entry.

CBI Conclusion

CBI concluded that DK Ravi committed Suicide and mentions following as the reasons. DK Ravi had loved RS right from the training days. He met RS multiple times in Mandya and tried to impress her publicizing the RS’s work and visits to the press. On one side the real estate business was not going well and on the other side RS was not responding as he liked. RS could not come to decision regarding DK Ravi as she was already married and living with her husband. It seemed DK Ravi was using the suicide threat as some sort of blackmail to RS to make her to meet him. It seemed that DK Ravi had no intention of committing suicide that day as there was no need for him to go to office and ask his PA to send the driver with Lunch. When DK Ravi went to his flat and called RS but RS instead of receiving it herself, asked her husband to take the call. This caused the desperation of DK Ravi to break the limits. Possibility is quite high that fearing the impact to his prestige about the fact of RS’s husband knowing about his feelings of RS, DK Ravi had taken this step of suicide. Considering all the evidences, it is clear that DK Ravi committed suicide.

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